Salvatore Ferragamo started with shos, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren , Marilyn Monroe , and so have his loyal supporters. The ferragamo shos sale clothing line also adhering to the spirit of Italy 's traditional design , not only uses the highest quality materials , but with superb technology , both stylish elegance and quality.
Since many stars in the screen began wearing Ferragamo products , so orders surge, but did not meet Ferragamo shos sale, Ferragamo continues to try to find out the secret of manufacturing shoes always fit , and even went so far to study human anatomy at the university, while observers chemical engineering and mathematics courses , skin care and explore new knowledge and new ways to use different materials . Ferragamo shos sale durable manufacturing , focusing on the balance of nature , and shoes must ultimately be made ​​by hand
Salvatore Ferragamo Belt was born in Italy, Bonito, in fourteen brothers and sisters , the ranking XI. As the family environment of poverty, has started early when the Salvatore Ferragamo belt  sale apprentice to help fill the family. At the time of southern Italy , is considered one of the most humble shoemaker 's work, but Ferragamo was full of ideals, should be ignored in the process to flourish, so in the age of nine determined to create the perfect combination of beauty and utility shoes . Thirteen years old, he already has his own shop , Salvatore Ferragamo belt created the first pair of tailored women's belt, fashion began to create the first step for Salvatore Ferragamo belt sale in kingdom .
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